Android Jams Session - Session 3 Advanced Level

About this event

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Being a successful Android developer needs familiarization with different knowledge areas. Your app idea would be best executed when you learn all of them steadily by taking one step at a time and not being overwhelmed.

DSC SCET is here with an Advanced level workshop powered by Google on "Android Study Jams - Advanced level"

wherein the workshop will instigate you to the concepts of making an interactive app, logging actions, navigating pathways & design your app in such a way that everyone can grasp it at ease...

Installation of ANDROID STUDIO is a prerequisite for this session...and the link for the same is shared here👇

Event date: 12/01/2021

Timings : 10am to 12pm

Registration link:

Stay Updated. Hope to see you there

For any queries contact:

Vaishvi Pandya,

Android Facilitator: +91 7990456692

Parth Kapadia,

DSC Lead : +91 9429931997