Q&A Session with Vasudev Maduri, Staff Data Engineer

Santa Clara University, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, 95053

Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, United States

Join us for a Q&A session with Vasudev Maduri, a distinguished figure in the realms of data strategy, data engineering, product development, AI, big data management, and supply chain optimization.

Apr 10, 11:00 PM – Apr 11, 12:00 AM

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About this event

Our special guest, Vasudev Maduri, brings over seven years of experience in leading product development and digital transformation initiatives. 

In his role at Accenture as a Lead Data Engineer, Vasudev led the development of the Intelligent Supply Chain Platform, Demand Sensing, and S&OP solutions, showcasing his ability to architect and execute complex data pipelines and transformation processes. Vasudev's tenure at Ford Motor Company as a data and ML engineer also stands out, where he spearheaded the design and development of modern data processing applications and big data-based solutions. His work led to production cost savings of ~$18.3 million for leading EV vehicles, including the Ford Mustang Mach E and Ford F150 Lightning.

Vasudev's passion for technology is matched by his commitment mentorship within the tech community. He has actively engaged in mentoring, speaking at both national and international conferences, organizing events, and leading a cloud mentorship program that has trained over 170 members in cloud technologies and data engineering.

Currently, Vasudev is focusing on pioneering sustainability and green tech solutions within the supply chain, leveraging his expertise in Google Cloud, data engineering, machine learning, and a suite of other technologies to drive innovation and efficiency in this critical sector.|

Why Attend?

Insightful Conversations: Learn from Vasudev's rich experience in building digital transformation products and his active role in driving sustainable solutions in the tech industry.

Career Inspiration: Gain inspiration and practical advice for navigating your career in technology and data engineering.

Networking Opportunity: Connect with fellow technology students passionate about the latest trends in data engineering, machine learning, and related technologies.


First 20-30 Minutes: A session led by our board members, featuring pre-selected questions to dive into Vasudev's journey, insights, and his vision for the future of technology and sustainability.

Remaining Time: We open the floor to our attendees. This is your chance to engage directly with Vasudev, ask questions, and gain valuable advice from a seasoned professional in the field.

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