Introduction to Git, GitHub and Open Source.

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About this event

Open Source software is the software whose source code is freely available under some licensing conditions so that we can provide some extra features to the current version, find bugs and report some issues. With the help of Open-Source software, we can read its source code and if needed we can implement its some part into our project under some licensing conditions. Open Source is not only related to software but also is more related to programming languages, projects and some well-known High leveled Design Systems................

Git is the most commonly used version control system.............

GitHub is a website for................. 

Do you want to know more?

Don't worry, we at Google Developer Students Club-SITRC are bringing you an opportunity to learn the basics of git, GitHub, and Open Source. We will be guiding you to get started in the world of Open Source. In the session we will be covering the following points:-

1. What is git?

2. What is GitHub?

3. What is Open Source?

.......many more

We are sure that after the session you will be good to land into the World of Open Source!!