GDSC Sana'a University Info Session

Our session will be in two days: 18 Sept : We will talk in details about GDSC , its aims and activities , listen to your opinion. 19 Sept : We will mention Bevy , Qwiklabs and GDSC MENA Challenge.

About this event

Are you excited about us as much as we are too ? :D

Join us in our event , you will know more about us.

Our agenda:

1- What is GDSC?

2- GDSC aims and goals

3- GDSC Activities

4- How to be a GDSC Lead and what are GDSC Lead roles?

5- Which Topics will be covered?

6- How can you Join us?

7- What is Qwiklabs ?

8- What is GDSC MENA Challenges ?

9- What is Solution Challenge?

10- Questions.



September 18 - 19
9:00 PM (+03)