Getting Started with Google Actions

About this event

Google actions are the applets of Google Assistant which supports in extended functionality of the assistant and to say it is the development platform of the assistant whom we call with just a couple of words. On the momentous occasion of Google Action Developers Day, let's embrace the significance of the day and acknowledge that every effort of the developers who made it more reachable to us.

All local DSC Chapters of Bhopal will be here to embark the event together, celebrating the big moments by sharing the knowledge and demonstrating the true meaning of the day.

What you will learn?

- What exactly are Google Actions?

Get a deeper insight into Google Actions, how these actions are integrated to make us an optimized assistant we use like almost every hour.

- What is Actions SDK and how to use it?

Comprehend the basic building of Google Actions, what all tools are required and were used while developing and integrating a Google Action.

- How to make a Google Action?

Learn to make your own Google Action, how to personally work with the software development kit and how to get the optimum use of it everything according to your preferences.

- Have a look at how Actions really work.

See how Google Actions work with commands, have a look at the live demonstration of a well working Action and get an example of how you can proceed with your own First Google Action.



Friday, Oct 9
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (IST)