GCCP Progress Session

GCCP will provide students an opportunity to kickstart their learning on Cloud technology, and implement the learning by enabling them to build projects on the Google Cloud console. As part of this journey, the campaign will also help prepare for Google Cloud certifications.

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About this event

The GCCP campaign by Google lets you kickstart your learning on Cloud Technology, the tool that powers apps like Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Along the way, you will learn & practice concepts like computing, application development, big data & machine learning using the cloud and implement them by building projects on Google Cloud Console. It will help you to prepare for Google Cloud certifications and earn badges for your Google Developer profile. We will provide content support and access to the Google Cloud Skill Boost Platform for you to take the course.

In today’s session we will Check the progress of all the cloud participants regarding the courses & quest & we will provide personal guidance to help & solve problems of the students so that they get familiar with google cloud console .

In this session we will discuss answers of the Quizzes & Provide Solutions practice for completion of Challenge Labs We will help all the cloud participants to Earn Badges.

We will have solution completion & Check progress regarding the Session 

Date :- 14th December

Time :- 8:00 to 10:00 pm

Venue :- Google Meet Platform