CORE TEAM info session

What's GDSC?

Jul 21, 2022, 7:00 – 9:45 PM



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About this event

A new chapter in GDSC is coming bearing excitement and a lot of true fun learning.

This is not just a club, it's a whole community connecting professional individuals from all over the world in the technical field. It's a place you'll want to belong to.

Stay tuned to get more information about our tracks and activities 🔥

شابتر جديد بتقدمه GDSC فيه الكثير من التشويق والتعلم الممتع الحقيقي.

لأن ده مش مجرد club، ده مجتمع كامل بيجمع أفراد محترفين من كل أنحاء العالم في المجال التقني وهيكون ده المجتمع اللي هتحب تكون منتمي ليه.

خليكوا متابعين عشان تعرفوا اكتر عن أنشطتنا وتخصصاتنا 🔥


  • Adel Farghly

    GDSC Lead

  • Ahmed Hossam

    MYM , Control S

    Technical CO Lead

  • Taha Mohsen

    modern academy

    Head Media

  • Abdelrahman Hamdi

    Head Flutter

  • Nour Bialy

    Head Programming

  • Raheem Bassem

    Programming Instructour

  • Sama Waleed

    Sadat Academy

    Programming Instructour

  • Habiba Waheed

    Programming Instructour

  • Jana Lashin

    Programming Instructour

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