Gloud Cloud Career Practitioners Campaign

About this event

Greetings! The wait for Cloud Computing in GDSC is finally over.

Google Cloud Career Practitioners Campaign 2022 has been officially launched and will provide students an opportunity to kickstart their learning on Cloud technology, and implement the learning by enabling them to build projects on the Google Cloud console. As part of this journey, the campaign will also help prepare for Google Cloud certifications.

What would you gain?

- Hands-on experience to operate workloads on Cloud along with basic theoretical knowledge.

- Exposure to Google Cloud Platform for leveraging resources on the cloud.

- A Cloud skill boost account with skill badges that can be showcased in LinkedIn or résumé for credibility.

- Practical knowledge to appear for Google Cloud certifications.

- Guidance by the Facilitators, Leads and Co-Leads in case of any difficulty in understanding complex concepts arise.

- Thoroughly perused resources (articles, important YouTube channels, books) on topics of Cloud, DevOps, MLOps, et cetera.

The training would be done for a complete month (around 14th November to 14th December) in which the Google Cloud Learning Engineer path shall be explored in depth as a part of the curriculum.

What are the prerequisites?

- An interest to learn.

- Curiosity to explore Cloud.

- A month to completely devote to the program.

- Willingness to not back down upon facing difficult concepts and seeking help.