ExploreML Beginners Series

Ritsumeikan University
Dec 13 - 18, 2021, 6:00 PM (JST)

ExploreML: Intro to ML - Get your hands-on machine learning and discover the amazing things you can accomplish by incorporating it into your regular work and projects! The workshop will give you a good understanding of what Machine Learning is and how it can be applied practically in different industries. This is the beginner part of the ExploreML series, a Google-sponsored program for students.

About this event

English description is after Japanese.

This is the first event of ExploreML: Introduction to Machine Learning on Monday, December 13th 18:00 JST.

12月13日18:00JST(月)に私たちの初めてのイベント、ExplorML: Introduction to Machine Learningを開催します。


もし当てはまるのなら、私たちのGoogle による大学生のためのExplorMLセッションにぜひ参加してください!✨


さらに、私たちは実世界のデータを取り扱う方法や、機械学習モデルのためにデータを掃除、準備する手法などを学ぶことができる「Data Cleaning & Pre-processing」と「Building Applications with ML」を提供します。これらプログラムでは欠測データや文字データの処理方法の決定などの課題について言及します。最後には、機械学習を使った簡単なアプリケーションを作り、自分のデータを使ってモデルをトレーニングする方法を学ぶことができます。🤖



Are you interested in learning more about machine learning and using it in your projects? 🤔

Then join us for a series of ExploreML sessions sponsored by Google for university students. ✨

As machine learning models can accomplish operations without requiring us (humans) to provide step-by-step instructions, they are capable of performing some tasks better than humans. We will begin with the basics to guarantee that everyone understands and benefits from the ExploreML series! You will learn how to incorporate Machine Learning into your projects and improve your projects and tasks. ðŸ§¹

Additionally, we have introduced two additional topics, "Data Cleaning & Pre-processing" and "Building Applications with ML" in which we learn how to work with real-world data and the methods required to clean and prepare data for machine learning models. This involves addressing issues like missing data, determining what to do with text data, and so on and finally learning how to make a small application using ML and train it with your own data. 🤖

Take a look at our workshop schedule to get a sense of what's coming up at ExploreML.


This is our roadmap for the ExploreML workshops. You are welcome to join us at any time but we recommend you to join from begging. Also, don't worry if you miss an event, we always provide the event's content after each live session.

  1. ExploreML Beginner's Level:
    1. Introduction to Machine Learning (December 13th - 18:00 JST)
      • What is ML?
      • How does it work?
      • Foundation concepts in ML
    2. Neural Networks (December 17th - 18:00 JST)
      • Basic Intro to Neural Networks
      • Effect of network structures in performance
    3. Group Presentation (December 18th - 18:00 JST)
      • Wrap up what you have learned so far
  2. Data Cleaning & Pre-processing (by GDSC Ritsumeikan)
    • How to prepare data for ML
    • What to do with missing data?
    • Splitting data into Train and Test sets
  3. ExploreML Intermediate's Level (Coming Soon)
    • ML in depth
    • Problem Framing
    • Start with TensorFlow
    • Image Classifier (Transfer Hub)
    • Text Classifier (TF-Hub)
    • Captioning on Image
  4. Build Applications with ML (by GDSC Ritsumeikan - Coming Soon)
    • The best ML approach
    • Initial Prototype
    • Train and Evaluate Models
    • Deploy and Debug
    • More content will be announced during the ExploreML Intermediate workshops.

We will also be writing extra content in GDSC Japan's blog so make sure to check it from time to time 😉



December 13 - 18
6:00 PM (JST)