Machine Learning Jam 🎰

REVA UNIVERSITY, Rukmini Knowledge Park, Yelahanka, Kattigenahalli, Bengaluru, Sathanur, Karnataka 560064, Bangalore Urban, 560064

We cordially invite you to partake in this immersive experience as we embark on an enlightening journey into the dynamic realm of Machine Learning

Jan 24, 3:30 PM – Feb 22, 4:30 PM



Key Themes

Explore MLML Study Jam

About this event

⏰Machine Learning Jam with GDSC Reva

🧭Commence an experiential learning endeavor designed to stimulate your interest in Machine Learning.

🏷Utilize the capabilities of the Google platform and venture into the domain of potent features as you progress through our ML Study Jam.

Why Participate ?

🧾• Machine learning skills are in high demand across various industries.

🧾• By understanding ML algorithms and techniques, you gain the ability to create models that can predict outcomes, recognize patterns, and automate decision-making.

🧾• The field is dynamic, and staying updated on the latest advancements keeps you at the forefront of technology.

🧾• Supercharge your certification journey! Acquire invaluable knowledge that propels you toward achieving Google ML certifications.

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  • Diya Arun


  • Diya Arun

    GDSC Lead

  • Akhilesh S

    Event Management

  • Hitaish K G

    Reva University

    AI / ML lead

  • Dhanush P


    Technical member

  • Nikhil Mathew

    Public Relations

  • GDSC REVA university

    Faculty Coordinator

  • V Shree Harshitha


  • Viraj Reddy SNG


  • Jayasheel Vinay J


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