Blockchain & Web3: Writing your first Smart Contract

About this event

Web3 - Episode 2, brought to you by the GDSC RCCIIT Team, is part of a unique & enthralling series of events & workshops on the most dominant field of the century: the Web 3.0.

Whether you're an intermediate or a beginner, or simply looking to enhance your knowledge, or learn a new tech-stack? We've got the perfect session for you!

Mainak Hajra from The Blockchain and Web3 Team of Google Developer Student Club @ RCCIIT strives to bring to you 'Writing your first Smart Contract', a deep-dive event that would change the way you look at Web 3.0, as a whole!

RSVP & join us on Saturday, April 8th, 2023, and let us help you get started on your 3.0 journey like never before!

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Venue: Virtual (bevy)



  • Rishideep Chatterjee

    Rishideep Chatterjee

    GDSC Lead

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  • Srinanda Das

    Srinanda Das

    Outreach & Marketing Team Lead

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  • Shourya Shikhar Ghosh

    Shourya Shikhar Ghosh

    Web & App Team Lead

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  • Soham Banerjee

    Soham Banerjee

    Cybersecurity & Cloud Team Lead

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  • Mainak Hajra

    Mainak Hajra

    Blockchain & Web3 Team Lead

  • Animesh Kumar

    Animesh Kumar

    Competitive Programming & Algorithms Team Lead

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