Ideathon 2.0

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” - Alan Kay, At DSC RIT, having been strong proponents of innovation and creativity, we are proud to present Ideathon 2.0, a platform for developers, innovators and anybody with a dream to pitch their ideas to a panel of qualified judges and win exciting prizes along with the critique that converts ideas into business.

Aug 1, 2021, 8:30 AM – 6:15 PM



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At DSC RIT, we have always been strong proponents of development, innovation and creativity. With the firm belief that the future is what you make of it, we are extremely proud to present Ideathon 2.0. After having unprecedented participation and success in the first iteration of Ideathon, the time has come to open the gates of innovation and provide the same platform to the students of RIT, to showcase their talents in a series of rounds and prove their merit and mettle in a competition where they can come up with any idea of their choice. Over a span of 3 stages, the teams will be required to demonstrate essential aspects of their idea to prove the uniqueness and feasibility of their product.

Since this competition is not based around tangible implementations, it does not rely on extraordinary technological skills or coding knowledge. The only differentiating factor is the aptitude to be creative. This competition is only open to the students of Ramaiah Institute of Technology and hence is an unique opportunity to compete with their immediate peers and win exciting prizes. It is important for young innovators to receive legitimate criticism and receive trustworthy advice when they are nurturing new ideas. To facilitate meaningful critique that would help our participants better visualise their idea and its implementation, we have a highly coveted panel of judges, who happen to be distinguished members of RIT alumni, and have been working in the industry for several years. Their valuable advice is the key ingredient that can pave the way for the ideas to translate into marketable solutions.

The world of technology is still in its infancy. Advanced frameworks and infrastructure repeatedly replace legacy standards and provide fresh grounds for the growth of technology enthusiasts like ourselves. Popular areas that are still infested with problems which can be solved by technological means include Agriculture, Healthcare, Transport, Blockchain, Education, Entertainment, Ease of living, Wearable Tech, Sports, and Augmented Reality. Being an Open Theme Ideathon, we welcome innovators from all backgrounds to lay their claim on the future


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