Google Cloud Study Jams

Room No. 203, Rajkiya Engineering College Bijnor, Rajkiya Engineering College Bijnor, Chandpur, 246725

"Google Cloud Study Jams: Join hands-on labs, tailor your learning to Cloud topics, and explore everything from containers to Machine Learning. Perfect for developers at any level, it's your gateway to mastering Google Cloud tools for free."

Oct 4, 2023, 8:30 – 9:30 AM



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Cloud Study Jam

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"Embark on a dynamic learning journey with Google Cloud Study Jams, where developers come together in community-driven study groups. Dive into hands-on technical labs that cover a spectrum of topics, from containerizing applications to crafting virtual machines. Tailored to various Cloud themes and skill levels, these Study Jams cater to everyone – whether you're a novice developer or eager to explore Machine Learning, BigQuery, Certification, or Kubernetes. Discover the essential tools and capabilities of Google Cloud through engaging sessions and enjoy complimentary access to immersive, practical labs."


  • Arpit Verma

    Flutter Development Lead Rajkiya Engineering College Bijnor


  • Ayush Agarwal


  • Arpit Verma

    Rajkiya Engineering College Bijnor

    GDSC Lead

  • Ishan Bhardwaj

    Rajkiya Engineering College Bijnor

    Faculty Advisor

  • Love Bhardwaj


    Flutter Developer

  • Govind Gupta

    Rajkiya Engineering College Bijnor

    Android Development Lead

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    Rajkiya Engineering College, Bijnor

    UI/UX & Social Media Lead

  • Shivam Singh

    Rajkiya Engineering College Bijnor

    Web Development Lead

  • Anjali Gautam

    Content and Social Media Lead

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