Flutter Festival Quantum University - Roorkee | Tech Talk Session

About this event

GDSC Quantum University in collaboration with 30 other tech communities in India (with 25+ GDSCs) brings you a Tech Talk Session with Ms. Kamal Shree, Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Flutter & Dart .

In this session, you'll get to learn how low-code development platforms can help you accelerate your Design process at digital speed and build your ideas insanely fast with FlutterFlow.

Speaker Details: 

Ms. Kamal Shree is a Google Developer Expert(GDE) in Flutter & Dart with 12 years of experience in Web Technologies, Android, and Flutter. Ms. Kamal Shree has worked for multinational firms in India, the Netherlands, and the USA and is also a Youtuber (whatsupcoders), Mentor @MentorCruise, and Open-Source Community Builder.