Skyride with Jetpack Compose

Join us to have a great adventure in unveiling different aspects of Jetpack Compose!

Oct 9, 2022, 12:00 – 1:00 PM



Key Themes

AndroidCompose Camp

About this event

Zoooom....✈️ After the great night stargazing at Android Basics, it's time to have a fun ride with our Jetpack! 

With this workshop, you'll discover various aspects of Jetpack Compose, work with elements like layers, and many more!

Join us on the 9th of October at 5:30 PM on this fun ride πŸ˜ƒ


  • Manjot Singh Oberoi

    Android Facilitator


  • Vishvjeet Thakur

    GDSC Lead

  • Arpit Singhal

    Technical Lead

  • Vedansh Singh

    PR Lead

  • bt21105089 Adarsh Mandloi

    Logistics Head

  • Dhruv Goyal

    Google Cloud Facilitator

  • bt22104008 Archie Garg

    Joint Head

  • Armaan Singh Brar

    Joint Head

  • Palak Bansal

    Women in Tech Lead

  • bt22105015 Arnav Vikas Garg

    Joint Head

  • Ayush Kumar Kashyap

    Joint Head

  • bt22104077 Hitesh Garg

    Joint Head

  • bt22104089 Kunal Garg

    Joint Head

  • bt22105007 Sanshray Mittu

    Joint Head

  • Parth Goyal

    Joint Head

  • bt22103041 Akanksha Narula

    Joint Head

  • bt22106027 Vishwas Kisaniya

    Joint Head

  • bt22105083 Ujjawal Sidana

    Joint Head

  • bt22105020 Ribhav Aggarwal

    Joint Head

  • bt22105086 Kunal Dhawan

    Joint Head

  • bt22101031 Shivansh Srivastava

    Joint Head

  • bt22105041 Rishit Sharma

    Joint Head

  • bt22105102 Mayank Sajnani

    Joint Head

  • bt22105111 Manjesh Chauhan

    Joint Head

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