GDSCPVGCOET: Who we are and What we do.

About this event

🔸️A recent observation showed that several people are intrigued about what GDSC is and how it operates 🤔

🔸️To tackle the dubiety arising in your mind, we are organizing an Informative Session on 7th September, coming Wednesday for you.😌

It will be held online at 🕗8 p.m.

🔸️The Informative Session will include discussions on:-

▫️Our Mission

▫️Our Goals

▫️ Our Expectations

▫️ Our way of Operation

▫️ Your Benefits




And, much more!🙌🏻

🔸️We are delighted to welcome you all to the event and let us grow our community together.🫂

Hope to see you there!😊