HacktoberFest 2022 : Introductory Session

Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College of Engineering and Technology - Pune, India

Speaker: Shivendra Deshpande

Oct 1, 2022, 1:30 – 2:30 PM

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About this event

As the month of October approaches, here comes a month-long technical event, Hacktober Fest ’22! An open-source event with an enriching opportunity to give back in numerous ways to the open-source community, it introduces you to the shore of infinite possibilities.

HacktoberFest is an Open Source festival celebrated in October every year since 2013 and organized by DigitalOcean and others, Encouraging people worldwide to participate actively and contribute to participating open source projects hosted across GitHub and GitLab. It is about giving back to the open source community through technical and non-technical means and sharpening skills while embracing the perks of contributing to Open Source.

So, have your laptops ready and brush up on your coding skills as our Open Souce Expert, Shivendra Deshpande conducts a virtual session to introduce you to Open source programming, and contribute to Hacktoberfest to receive exclusive T-shirts from DigitalOcean.

Date: 1st October 2022

Time: 7 PM


  • Shivendra Deshpande


    Open Source Expert


  • Anushka Patil

    GDSC Lead

  • 0088_Atharva Chaudhari

    Design Team Head

  • Heramb Patil


    Technical Team Head

  • 0018 Vaishnavi Choudhari

    Management and Operations Head

  • Sushmita Chaudhari

    Marketing Team Head

  • Atharv Pujari

    Content Team Head

  • Chinmayee Gade

    Student Mentor

  • Anushka Patil

    Team Lead

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