Approaching GSoC and Introduction to Processors and Compilers

About this event

Google Summer of Code which is considered as a quintessence of open source and coding, is the annual global program to promote open source development with the help of students and organizations like Apache, Eclipse, Mozilla, GNOME and many more.

Here, DSC PVGCOET is back with the new session,

“Approaching GSoC and a brief introduction to processors and compilers”.

Our speaker is Tejas Joshi, a recent Computer Engineering graduate from PVGCOET. He successfully completed his GSoC project with GCC in 2019. You can view his project here:

Tejas will guide us on “Approaching Google Summer of Code (GSoC)” and also give a brief introduction to processors and compilers, as well as how processors understand high level languages.

Date: 23rd January, Saturday

Time: 11 AM to 12.30 PM

Registration link for GSoC session :