Android Study Jams | Basics of Kotlin

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Android Study Jams are back!!
Exciting opportunities awaits all Android lovers🎉

Google decided that Kotlin was its preferred language for building Android apps👀

That's not the only reason to learn Kotlin!😏

It is a modern, concise and safe programming language which is easy to pick up, so that you can create powerful applications immediately.

Android is ubiquitous. Imagining a world without it is improbable. So is life without Android Apps!

Kick start your journey as an Android Developer with GDSC PVGCOET.💥

Learn how to build your first Android App to solve real world problems.

Join us on our first session: The Basics of Kotlin, on 4th December at 11 a.m. and continue learning with us to become a part of a greater community.🥳

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