Web Campaign

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 Introduction to Web - Concepts, Techniques, Setting up the Environment

• Project development in the Web domain - Explaining the SDLC and explaining our project which is a Resume Builder

o Wireframing - Figma, Canva, how to structure the UI

o HTML - tags, the semantics of each tag, deciding the skeleton, focusing more on forms

o CSS - different attributes, modern UI tricks and techniques, focusing more on using plain CSS to design exact UI as decided in the wireframe

o JS - Basic syntax, DOM manipulations, event handlers, form handling, asynchronous JS by calling external services through API

o Git and Git Pages - Basic usage in the context of our project and deploying the project to GitHub Pages

• Future Scope and Roadmap - guidance from seniors in PBL and projects, clearing doubt about what's next in web domain

• Resume Building and Grabbing off-campus internships - Project Ideas to showcase in your Resume and upskill yourselves, finding new hirings using job portals, referrals and open job posting



  • Sanika Patil

    Sanika Patil

    Pune Institute of Computer Technology

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