Basics of Flutter

Flutter – is a Google’s product which allows create iOS and Android apps + websites in simple and fast ways. According to the research: Flutter - is the most preferrable (42% share) tool for Android and iOS apps development; More than a half of million devs all over the world use Flutter monthly!

About this event

The session will include topics such as setting up the development environment, understanding the Flutter framework, and creating a basic Flutter app. Attendees will also gain an understanding of the various components of Flutter, such as the Dart language, widgets, and the Flutter SDK. Finally, attendees will create a simple app and learn how to deploy it to the various platforms that support Flutter.



  • Gowtham CP

    Gowtham CP

    PSNA College of engineering and technology

    GDSC Lead

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  • Santhanadass A

    Santhanadass A

    PSNA College Of Engineering And Technology

    Graphics Designer - Core Team

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  • Surya Prakash

    Surya Prakash

    PSNA College Of Engineering And Technology

    Web Designing Lead - Core Team

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  • Nandhinishree Prabakaran

    Nandhinishree Prabakaran

    Event Organizer - Core Team

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    Flutter Developer Lead - Core Team

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  • Darshan V

    Darshan V

    Google Cloud Lead - Core Team

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  • Keathareswar T.M

    Keathareswar T.M


    Web Developer - Colead - Core Team

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  • Naveen Raj K S RAJ

    Naveen Raj K S RAJ

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    GDSC Co-organizer

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