Google Cloud Essentials Workshop - Getting Started with Google Compute

Princeton University
Fri, Feb 4, 2022, 3:00 PM (EST)

Want to learn how to set up and run a virtual machine using Google Cloud? Have no idea what a virtual machine even is and want to change that? Come hear Roosevelt Scaggs, GDSC Tech Lead, walk you through it all, using Google’s Qwiklabs platform!

About this event

Background and Logistics

Cloud computing is an almost fundamental skill to learn today. Many big companies are shifting their tech models from in-house servers to the cloud. The cloud provides companies with the benefit of being able to run all of their operations and store necessary data without having to manage, upgrade, or maintain their own physical hardware. Essentially, companies find it beneficial to pay Google, Amazon, or Microsoft to lease their servers— or “cloud” resources.

With this workshop, you will be able to follow along and learn the basic skills you need to work with Google’s Cloud platform. By completing the Qwiklabs in this workshop you will not only gain important technical knowledge, but can also work towards unlocking achievement badges to show off to everyone.

Please note, this workshop is meant to be a stress free experience— feel free to hop on to the meeting to follow along, ask questions, or even just simply watch the process. Recordings of the workshop will also be posted after the event ends for anyone to re-watch.


We'll remind you of this during the workshop, but if you want to do it beforehand, go ahead and download the following:

Mac users: Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store
Windows users: Use built-in Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection OR Chrome RDP