ATM Java Code Along - Fundamentals in Java

Princeton University
Fri, Apr 8, 2022, 6:00 PM (EDT)

Ever wanted to code up a small project but never had the passion, idea, or guidelines to do so? Come join us in the last of our Java Fundamentals workshops where will work together to create an ATM machine that you will be able to take with you and run from your computer. All you need is the motivation and desire to learn, then leave with your first very own coding project!

About this event


Have you ever thought about how an app works on your phone or how anything works on your computer? Have you ever wanted to learn programming just for fun without having to worry about committing to a class or to grades?

With this workshop series, you will be able to build a programming background and develop your skills from the ground up. We'll walk you through Java, starting with the fundamentals and working up to advanced topics, enabling you to make any and all projects that your mind can imagine! Bonus: There will be a final code-along project that you can develop yourself and proudly share with others.

This workshop is meant to introduce you to programming and Java without the stress of grades or class time commitment. Join us for 1 hour a week to continue your ambitions of learning how to code and to pursue a future side hobby!

Series Outline

Session 1: Learning fundamentals/syntax



If statements


Accepting and Outputting Input

End of the day code along - Hello World


Session 2: Object-Oriented Programming

What is an object?

Creating an object

How to use that object

Common object types such as String, Integer, Double

Session 3: Data Structures


2D Arrays

Linked Lists, Circular Linked Lists



Final Project

Code-along with ATM Machine that runs from terminal/command line