Riddled Realm

The event aims to cherish the fanatic obsession for technology and its diverse subsidiaries through a riddle game show ‘Riddled Realm’. We welcome and aim to cater to the tech geeks of ‘PSIT’ 🏆

Nov 26, 2023, 9:30 – 10:30 AM



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Greetings young geeks!✨

Calling all tech enthusiasts and riddle masters! 📢

Get ready to test your tech knowledge and riddle-solving skills at our upcoming Tech Riddle Game Event! 🧠🧩

Join us on Sunday for an afternoon of fun, competition, and tech trivia as you battle it out in teams of two to solve mind-boggling riddles and claim the title of Tech Riddle Champions. 🏆

Whether you're a coding wizard, a gadget guru, or simply a curious tech aficionado, this event is for you! So, gather your nerdy partners and prepare to flex your mental muscles. 💪

Here's how to play:

1️⃣ Form teams of two tech-savvy individuals.

2️⃣ Listen closely to the tech-based riddles posed by our witty host.

3️⃣ Raise your hands as soon as you've cracked the code.

4️⃣ Answer the riddle in the order of raised hands.

5️⃣ Earn points for each correct answer.

6️⃣ The team with the most points at the end wins!

Prizes await our top teams, but the real reward is the bragging rights and the thrill of conquering the tech trivia realm. 😎

Venue📍: Zoom Call

Date 🗓️ : Sunday, November 26, 2023

Time 🕢 : 3:00 pm onwards

So, mark your calendars for Sunday and join us for an unforgettable tech-riddle adventure! 🚀

If you haven't already, then RSVP now ⌛⌛


  • Vanshika Agarwal

    Creative and Marketing Lead


  • Saloni Dwivedi

    GDSC Lead

  • Harsh Misra

    Cloud Lead



    Blockchain Lead

  • Abhinav Yadav

    ML Lead

  • Vanshika Agarwal

    Creative and Marketing Lead

  • Aditi Singh

    Android Lead

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