GDSC Machine Learning Exploration Track (5/9 : Computer Vision)

On this track, you’ll learn all about the concept of Machine Learning, to clearly understand how these algorithms work besides implementing it yourself on Google cloud platform.

Sep 20, 2021, 6:30 – 8:30 PM



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Machine Learning

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مساء النور يا مُحبي التكنولوجيا 😃✨

الـسيشن اللي جاية هيكون معانا

الباشمهندس/ كريم هشام

🔹معتمد من امازون Machine Learning Engineer

🔹 ليدر ML TEAM في Google DSC Future Academy

🔹لينكد ان :⤵️

في السيشن اللي هيقدمها م / كريم هيكلمنا عن الـ Computer Vision

و هيكلمنا عن استخداماتنا في الـ Computer Vision زي:

🔹Image Classifications

🔹object detection

🔹image segmentation

🔹face recognition

وفي الجزء العملي الخاص بـ Qwiklabs هيكون معانا

الباشمهندس/محمود وليد

🔹 بيدرس في كلية الهندسة قسم ميكاترونكس في الجامعة المصرية الصينية

‏🔹 ML Technical at DSC-ECU

🔹لينكد إن :⤵️

وهيشرحلنا خطوة بخطوة وهيشتغل معانا في الـ Quest اللي اسمها Predict visitor purchase with classification model in BQML

⚠️ تنبيه: انت كمبتدأ مش محتاج بكون عندك خلفية قوية الكورس معمول للمبتدئين.

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Good evening technology lovers 😃✨

The next session will be with us Eng.Karim Hisham

his bio:

🔹Certified Machine Learning Engineer by Amazon

🔹Leader ML TEAM at Google DSC Future Academy

🔹LinkedIn Profile

In the session that will be presented by Karim, he will talk about Computer Vision

And tell us about our uses in Computer Vision such as:

🔹Image Classifications

🔹object detection

🔹Image segmentation

🔹face recognition

And in the practical part of Qwiklabs, he will be with us Eng. Mahmoud Walid,

his bio :

🔹He is studying at the Faculty of Engineering, Mechatronics Department, at the Egyptian Chinese University

🔹 ML Technical at DSC-ECU

🔹His LinkedIn Profile: ⤵️

He will explain to us step by step and he will work with us in the Quest called Predict visitor purchase with classification model in BQML

There's all the content of our next session, what you are waiting for now? We are waiting for you and your friends✨

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  • Karim Hisham

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Mahmoud Walid

    Mechatronics Engineer


  • mohamed mostafa amin

    GDSC PSU Lead

    GDSC Lead

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