Flutter Weekend with DSC Poornima

Poornima College of Engineering - Jaipur
Apr 10 - 11, 2021, 4:30 PM (IST)

Start your career in mobile application development and build your own app with the help of Flutter.

About this event

This will be a two-day workshop where you will learn about Flutter and also you'll also create your own app. 

Some of the key benefits from the session are:
1. You will learn Flutter and as always we will start from scratch for your convenience. 

2. You'll create your own tic-tac-toe game with Flutter which will function on both Android and iOS operating systems.

3. After attending the session on both days, You will be eligible for a certificate from DSC Poornima.

4. And there are some awesome swags for you followed by a $12 Dev.to  Gift voucher for a lucky winner.