Explore ML with Crowdsource : Beginner Track

Poornima College of Engineering - Jaipur
Sun, Nov 1, 2020, 11:00 AM (IST)

About this event

What is Explore ML with Crowdsource?

Explore Machine Learning (ML) with Crowdsource is a Google program to get started with Machine Learning and understand the impact of Crowdsource contributions. The curriculum offers 2 tracks of machine learning content (Beginner, Intermediate) and relies on facilitators to train university students and other interested participants in their community. The facilitator will be trained and mentored by experts at Google so that their workshops are set up for success.

Why is this useful for our University Students?

The biggest motivation is the acquisition of knowledge skills that will be valuable for their future.

The workshop participants will additionally-

■ Acquire foundational Machine Learning knowledge

■ Build a network of like-minded, passionate individuals excited about applications of ML

■ Receive an end-of-course participation certificate for those attending all sessions

■ Get to learn about Crowdsource and share their ideas for ML-related problem statements that crowdsourcing can solve