Hack The League Chapter-3

JECRC University, Plot No. IS-2036 to IS-2039 Ramchandrapura Industrial Area Jaipur, Sitapura, Vidhani, 303905

🌟 Join the Avengers at Hack The League Chapter-3! πŸš€

May 25, 3:30 AM – May 26, 12:30 PM



Key Themes

AR / VRMachine LearningWeb

About this event

Avengers Assemble, Tech Superheroes! πŸŽ‰

Gear up for an exhilarating 24-hour in-person extravaganza, Hack The League Chapter-3, where developers from all corners of the nation converge for a journey of innovation and camaraderie.

Here's your mission briefing:

πŸ“… Event Date: 25th May to 26th May 2024

πŸ“ Location: JECRC University, Jaipur

🎟 Registration Link: https://hack2skill.com/hack/hacktheleague3?utm_source=cp&utm_medium=GDSCPOORNIMA

Why should you join?

🌟 Showcase your Skills and Creativity.

🀝 Forge new Friendships and Collaborations.

πŸ’‘ Learn from Industry Experts.

πŸ† Compete for Awesome Prizes.

Here's how you can unlock the gateway to innovation: 🌟

Step 1: Register Here to secure your spot in the league of extraordinary hackers! 🎟️

Step 2: Assemble your team, brainstorm a powerful idea, and submit it to us. We'll be waiting eagerly to see what you come up with! πŸ’‘

Step 3: Bring your vision to life during the 24-hour hackathon. Showcase your skills, forge new friendships, and compete for legendary prizes with your fellow Avengers. πŸš€

🚨 Note: Registrations are Open, and Idea Submission closes on April 28th, 2024.

Gear up, unleash your inner hero, and join us for an adventure of a lifetime! 🌟

See you at the Battleground! πŸ’‘


  • Laveena Chetwani

    GDSC Lead

  • Bhawuk Arora

    GDSC Poornima

    Content Team

  • Rakshita Jain

    Web Development Team

  • Manish Vaishnav

    Creative & Design Team

  • Harshvardhan Sharma

    AI/ML Team

  • Satish Parmar

    Android Lead

  • Taaran Jain

    AI/ML Lead

  • lakhan gupta

    Web-Development Lead

  • Khushi Khandelwal

    Creative & Design Lead

  • Bhanwar Singh Rathore


    Web Development Team

  • Chittanshu Singh


    Web Development Team



    Web Development Team

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