GDSC Solution Challenge 2023 Kickoff

Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd
Jan 13 - 18, 3:00 PM (GMT+4)

About this event

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

In 2015, the United Nations created 17 Sustainable Development Goals and aimed to achieve them by 2030. All 193 United Nations Member States agreed on these 17 goals to end poverty, ensure prosperity, and protect the planet.

For the 2022 Solution Challenge, your mission is to create a project that contributes to solving one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals using Google technologies.




  • Abdurrahman Noor-Ul-Haqq Gurib

    Abdurrahman Noor-Ul-Haqq Gurib

    Google Developer Student Clubs Lead

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  • Aishant Madhow

    Aishant Madhow

    Vice President & Finance Lead

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  • akshana mohun

    akshana mohun


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  • Ziyaad Ramdianee

    Ziyaad Ramdianee

    Faculty Advisor

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  • Sumaiyah Neerunjun

    Sumaiyah Neerunjun

    Engagements and Events Manager

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  • Babajee Nishal

    Babajee Nishal

    Community Outreach & Social Media coordinator

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  • Maheshwari Dookhee

    Maheshwari Dookhee

    Community Outreach Organizer

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  • Satourgone Mikshita

    Satourgone Mikshita

    Opportunities and Outreach Coordinator

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  • Gavishkar Kumar Sawarath

    Gavishkar Kumar Sawarath

    Opportunities and Outreach Coordinator

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  • Vedisha Shamloll

    Vedisha Shamloll

    Opportunities and Outreach Coordinator

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  • Gowrish Jhowry

    Gowrish Jhowry

    Communications Lead

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  • Avinash Ramasawmy

    Avinash Ramasawmy

    Communications Lead

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