Google Developers Machine Learning Demo Day

About this event


We just had our first cohort of our ML Projects here in GDSC - PUP!

Amazing how the team really became data-oriented and creative in developing ML solutions!

Looking back how we started off with knowing the business understanding to eventually put the work into deployment! 

Also, inviting you to our final presentation which will be on live here on Linkedin on February 14, 2022 at 9PM Manila time!

Wanna see how we can build an ML for E-commerce industry links classifier?

Join and register on our event! 


  • Armielyn Obinguar

    Armielyn Obinguar

    Polytechnic University of the Philippines

    GDSC Lead

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  • Arnie Venedick Fraga

    Arnie Venedick Fraga

    Polytechnic University of the Philippines

    UX/UI Design Lead

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  • Angelito Alivia III

    Angelito Alivia III

    Chief Finance Officer

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  • Jirro Dave Reoloso

    Jirro Dave Reoloso

    Ethos Bytes Pty Ltd

    Web Development Senior Lead

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  • Joriz Ivann Villanueva

    Joriz Ivann Villanueva

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Francis Jason Chuaunsu

    Francis Jason Chuaunsu

    Executive Secretary

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  • Jillian Leonin

    Jillian Leonin

    Junior Project Manager

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  • Kim Montana

    Kim Montana

    Data Science Lead

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  • Alex Reyes

    Alex Reyes

    Google Developer Student Clubs - PUP Main

    UI/UX Design Jr. Lead

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  • Aron Kurt Yuan Ligsay

    Aron Kurt Yuan Ligsay

    Google Developer Student Clubs- Pup-Main

    ML/AI Co-Lead

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  • Kevin Christian Amparado

    Kevin Christian Amparado

    Data Science Co-Lead

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  • Miguel Tolentino

    Miguel Tolentino

    Data Science Co-Lead

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  • IMPERIAL, Hannah Francheska

    IMPERIAL, Hannah Francheska

    UI/UX Co-Lead

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  • Francis Erick Romasanta

    Francis Erick Romasanta

    Graphics Designer Head

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  • Jeanne Margaret Guzon

    Jeanne Margaret Guzon

    Graphic Design Manager

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  • Trisha Mae Hernandez

    Trisha Mae Hernandez

    Graphic Design Manager

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  • Yuan Ragile Ureña

    Yuan Ragile Ureña

    Web Development Co-Lead

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