Building Ethical AI Companions

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Get ready to join the AI revolution with ethical companions! Our upcoming event features two esteemed speakers from the Philippines and India.

Isabelle Tingzon is currently a Disaster and Climate Risk Data Fellow at the World Bank/GFDRR, where her work focuses on AI applications for disaster risk and exposure mapping under the Digital Earth for Resilient Infrastructure and Housing Project in the Caribbean. Her research interests lie at the intersection of AI and Earth Observation for socioeconomic development and humanitarian response, and she has held positions as a research fellow at the AI4EO Future Lab at the Technical University of Munich and as head of the GeoAI Team at Thinking Machines Data Science. Her recent works include poverty mapping, informal settlement detection, land use and land cover mapping, and building detection and classification, done in collaboration with humanitarian organizations and telecommunication companies across Southeast Asia and Central/Latin America. In her spare time, she volunteers as the technical lead of AI/ML at Women Who Code Manila and co-lead of the tutorials team at Climate Change AI. She is passionate about leveraging innovative technologies to enable more timely, evidence-based decision-making in service of the most vulnerable segments of society.

Swagata Ashwani has a 7 years of experience in Data Science, Software Engineering, and Risk Analytics from the United States and India, with a strong focus on Health Informatics, Machine Learning, and Design-led Engineering. As a Senior Data Scientist, she utilizes her technical toolkit which includes Python, SQL, R, Snowflake, Apache Spark, and Hadoop to engineer data pipelines that drive business outcomes. Her passion for data science, coupled with her ability to integrate diverse perspectives and approaches, allows her to deliver results that are both technically robust and business savvy.

Join the AI revolution with ethical companions! Discover the latest trends and best practices in developing AI that enhances our lives while upholding ethical standards.

Don't miss out on the chance to hear from a renowned AI expert and be a part of the critical discussion on Building Ethical AI Companions: Balancing Innovation with Responsible Design.

Register now and be a part of shaping the future of AI!



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