Open Source: Why and How? - Intro to an awesome side of the Developer World

Open Source is one of the greatest concepts of all times. As students, it has huge benefits for us like being able to study the code, contribute to projects, collaborate with others, and much more. This workshop is for introducing you to this awesome side of the developer world and show how you can benefit from it. So be ready with your laptops and PCs to jump right into it along with us!

Sep 20, 2020, 5:30 – 7:30 AM



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What is Open Source?

Open Source project means that you are free to use, study, contribute, or modify it as per your wish. It is the best way of getting involved in a community and be part of a productive environment. 

What will this session cover?

This is a hands-on workshop for getting started with open-source collaborations. 

If you are new to open source contributions or haven't heard of GitHub, don't worry! We have got it covered for you.
We'll be covering all the key points that one might need for getting started with it, starting from the basics of open source and GitHub to the important concepts of working on remote repositories and branches. 

We will be guiding you from creating a GitHub account to creating your own repositories to finally being able to contribute to an opensource GitHub organization. It will be a follow-along session so be ready with your laptops and PCs. It's going to be fun!

Throughout the session, we will be providing numerous guidelines for opensource collaborations, helpful tips, important DOs and DON'Ts of GitHub, and much more. We aim to provide all the knowledge and support for understanding the community standards so that you'll be confident to contribute to any of the opensource projects, small or huge if you want to. 

We will also provide you awesome repositories and projects which are open for contributions so that you can work on them and gain experience with practical applications. We plan to maintain these projects well and eventually lead them to grow better and huge with the help of the wonderful community. Further projects, regardless of the domains, will all be open for the community so it is very important that you understand the proper workflow of opensource projects. Joining us for this session will help you understand our community guidelines and make it easier for everyone to work together on future projects. 

(SPOILER ALERT: We have some outstanding projects in ML, Web, Android, and other domains waiting for you!)

What are the prerequisites for this session?

This is our first technical session for the members of the DSC PCCoE community so the only prerequisites are as follows:

  • A system to work on (Laptop/ PC),
  • A reliable internet connection, and
  • Enthusiasm to be an active member of a developer community!

Contact us for any queries regarding this event.

We can't wait to see you at the event. 

We love it when you show passion for being a better developer. 

Let's grow together!



Sunday, September 20, 2020
5:30 AM – 7:30 AM UTC


5:30 AMIntro to open source
5:45 AMHands-on Session
7:00 AMOutro


  • Vishakha Deshpande

    GDSC Lead

  • Aditya Agre


    Management head

  • Shreya Mohod


    Design Head

  • Anushka Lahare


    Design Head 2


    Management Head 2

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