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Pharos University - Alexandria, Egypt

The workshop introduced by eng. Mahmoud Ragab Creativa Alexandria - Operator's Program Manager covering : ­čö╣TIEC Programs ­čö╣Entrepreneurship Workshop ­čö╣Student Activities impact ­čö╣Online learning

Feb 15, 10:00 AM ÔÇô 1:00 PM

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Key Themes

Open Source

About this event

Explore TIEC Programs: Discover the innovative programs offered by TIEC, tailored to foster technological entrepreneurship and innovation.

Entrepreneurship Workshop: Participate in an interactive workshop focused on nurturing entrepreneurial skills, where you'll learn to ideate, plan, and execute business ventures.

Student Activities Impact: Learn about the profound impact of student activities at Creativa Alexandria, fostering leadership, creativity, and community engagement.

Online Learning: Gain insights into the dynamic realm of online learning, exploring how it enhances accessibility and flexibility in education.

Experience these enriching sessions firsthand and discover opportunities that empower your journey in technology, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.


  • Basmala Mohamed

    pharos University

    GDSC Lead

  • Habiba Wally

    Co - Lead

  • Lamis Mater

    Head of Flutter track

  • Mohamed Mohsen

    Head of Web Development track

  • Ahmed Osama

    Head of Research and Development track

  • Ahmed Saeed

    Head of Technical Committee

  • Mariam Youssef

    Head of OC Committee

  • Marwan Gamal

    Head of AI track

  • Nadia Hossny

    Head of Design Committee

  • Esmail Eldeeb

    Head of Robotics track

  • Habib Fawzi

    Head of Cybersecurity track

  • Mai Ashraf

    Head of HR & PR

  • adham mostafa

    Head of Game Development track

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