Datathon 1.0!

PES University - Bengaluru
Apr 7 - 9, 1:00 PM (IST)

GDSC PES University's First Official Datathon!

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About this event

The event is an online-hosted Datathon, with a dataset prepared specially by the members of Google Developer Student Clubs, PES University. The dataset is custom-made, to suit for Time-Series Analysis, with inspiration drawn from the Power NASA Dataset. 

The event is hosted on Kaggle, set up as a private competition. Hackers have around 60 hours to work on the data to minimise the RMSE loss. The participants will get sample notebooks towards the latter end of the competition to help understand the data further.

Results will be decided based on a weighted score of the performance in the competition (on the private leaderboard), the analysis done in their notebooks, and the reasoning behind model selections.



April 7 - 9
1:00 PM (IST)