PES University Electronic City Campus
Aug 27 - Sep 3, 2021, 4:00 PM (IST)

Mobile application development hackathon

About this event

Hello developers and designers!

Want to build cool mobile applications? You're at the right place.

We at Google Developer Student Clubs Electronic City Campus and onCreate() are delighted to present to you the first iteration of @Override, an online mobile application development hackathon that aims to encourage developers to create fun and exciting applications while also honing their requisite design skills.

Mobile development represents more than just an opportunity for the solo-developer to build their own project—it’s arguably the future of development, as mobile devices are becoming larger and larger parts of our lives. Thus we can definitely say it's a great skill for your repertoire!

With no restriction on themes, participants have a myriad of ideas to work with and design. Create compelling feature-rich solutions that promise a connected experience to users and we’d be delighted to share some exciting prizes with you!

Beginners are encouraged to participate as we’ve got excellent mentors to guide you through the process of app development 



Aug 27 - Sep 3
4:00 PM (IST)