Unveiling Large Language Models (LLMs) :- Powerhouses of Natural Language Processing

In this session, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Large Language Models (LLMs)! We'll explore what LLMs are, how they work, and the exciting capabilities they possess. Buckle up as we unleash the power of language understanding and generation!

May 3, 3:30 – 5:00 PM



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About this event

Key Learning Points:

* Grasp the core concept of LLMs and their role in natural language processing (NLP).

* Understand how LLMs are trained on massive amounts of text data.

* Discover the wide range of tasks LLMs can perform, from text generation to translation.

* Explore the potential applications of LLMs in various industries.

In the session :->

1. Introduction to LLMs:

- What are LLMs, and how are they different from traditional language models?

- Dive into the concept of deep learning and its role in LLM training.

2. Under the Hood of LLMs:

- Explore the training process of LLMs, including the use of massive text datasets.

- Uncover the fascinating inner workings of LLMs, like attention mechanisms.

3. LLMs in Action:

- Witness the power of LLMs in generating different creative text formats.

- See how LLMs can translate languages, write different kinds of content, and answer your questions in an informative way.

4. Real-World Applications

- Learn how LLMs are transforming various industries like customer service, education, and content creation.

- Discuss the potential impact of LLMs on the future of human-computer interaction.


  • Sumayya Mirza


  • Salman Shaikh


    GDSC Lead

  • Aastha Patel

    KPMG India

    WTM Ambassador

  • Tejal Dhanvijay

    Co-lead, Content & WTM

  • Safiya Mohammad

    PES College of Engineering

    Cloud Facilitator

  • Affan Ahmed


    Design Lead

  • Anand Saundarya

    Marketing & PR Lead

  • Abdulla Binsabed

    Operations & Logistics - Lead

  • Mohd. Hassaan Farooqui

    Google developer student club

    Co-Lead Event Management

  • Zakaullah Khan

    Tech Team

  • Isha Mahajan

    Design Team

  • Vaibhavi Dhapate

    P.E.S. College Of Engineering Aurangabad

    Tech Team

  • Divya Shirsath

    Marketing Team

  • Ashish Salve

    P.E.S. College Of Engineering

    Community Manager

  • Sumayya Mirza

    Design Team

  • Vishakha Damodhar

    Google Developers student club

    Design Team

  • Manisha Ingole

    App Dev

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