Google Talk: Setting the DSC Stage With Daniel Fiorillo

Penn State University - University Park
Sun, Nov 15, 2020, 3:00 PM (EST)

About this event

This Sunday tune in for a very special event! It’s easy to join a club and attend the events and workshops, but there comes a point when you ask yourself the question as to why you joined that club. This weekend we’ll be coming full circle and answering the question “Why DSC” with special guest Daniel Fiorillo. 

Daniel is a DSC Community Manager for North America where he specializes in mentoring and helping DSCs across the continent learn new technologies! On Sunday, he will be offering our DSC insight as to the significance of DSCs and why Google has created such a vast network of the clubs. In addition, he will share his own journey through the years as he explains why DSC is so remarkable.

Our mission as a DSC is to grow our knowledge in peer-to-peer learning environments and build solutions for local businesses and the community at large. Using Google’s content, we grow as developers each week and in order to continue that growth and development, there are times when we need to sit down and talk about the why and what that looks like. To that end, join us this upcoming Sunday after as Daniel Fiorillo helps us set the stage for growth and sustainability!