Overview of Blockchain Technology

About this event

DSC PDPU is back again with an Amazing Webinar for y'all!!

Are you ready to explore the overview of Blockchain with an Expert?

We are hosting a Webinar on "Overview of Blockchain Technology by an Expert", Here you'll get a complete overview of Blockchain Technology and you can expect the below content from the session:

1) Introduction of blockchain technology

2) Benefits of using blockchain technology

3) How and why is blockchain better than traditional technologies 🤨🧐

4) Bitcoin and blockchain: What is the relation?

5) Blockchain Use Case in Supply Chain/ Healthcare

6) What are major companies around the world doing in this technology

7) A career in the blockchain industry

Research predicts that the global blockchain market is set to reach 42 billion USD by 2024

Some of the largest companies exploring blockchain solutions in the world, as of now, include Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Alibaba Group Holding, Walmart, Maersk, Goldman Sachs. Samsung, and Amazon (to name a few).

Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has also recognized the scope and potential of blockchain in creating new opportunities in India.