Web Development With React Training

A new opportunity has arisen for the GDSC Club and friends at Code Academy! This training focuses on designing front ends for those interested. Participants will learn HTML, CSS, JS, and React.JS with guidance from experienced trainers. They'll receive follow-ups and tasks for practical application.

Apr 1, 9:00 PM – Apr 6, 11:00 AM



Key Themes

Career DevelopmentUI / UXWeb

About this event

Hello 👋

A new opportunity for the GDSC Club and our friends at Code Academy! 🎉

This time, the topic is dedicated to those who would like to design front ends💻 and anyone interested in the field.

Easy training is about developing the initial interfaces using: HTML, CSS, JS, and React.JS💻

The training is easily given by experienced trainers and you are followed up and given tasks on managing the


  • Shadi Almohtaseb



  • Yazan Herbawi

    Google DSC Lead

  • Lujain AbuRajab

    GDSC Co-leader


  • Shadi Almohtaseb

    GDSC Lead

  • lujayn aburajab

    Co-Lead & Main Designer

  • tarteel tamimi

    Technical Member

  • Tarteel Alnatsheh

    Technical Member

  • Ghaydaa Qaisiya

    Public Relations & Photography

  • shahd maswadeh

    Organizer & Media Editor

  • Saja Almuraqtn

    Technical Member

  • baraa hawamdeh


  • Mohammed Hijazi

    Technical Member

  • amjad khatib

    Public Relations

  • husam abu-zaina

    Technical Member

  • fakheralddin talahmeh

    Technical Member

  • Batool Shaheen

    Technical Member

  • Yasser A Sharabati

    Technical Member

  • Safa Qasrawi

    Technical Member

  • yaffa jaradat

    Organizer & Technical Member

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