Build a Career in Web3 - Learn to create a token on Polygon

About this event

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I’m sure you’re aware about our partnership with Metaschool, an emerging web3 learning platform. They’ve recently crossed 120K members in just 10 months of beginning, which shows developers around the world are eager to join the web3 ecosystem.

That being said, Metaschool is organizing a live coding camp for its community partners and previous NFT holders. In the coding camp, you will learn how to create a token on Polygon, a leading Ethereum scaling solution. You'll also learn about the many career opportunities available in the Web3 ecosystem.

As their community partner we want you to not only to participate, but spread the word about this fantastic session to your developer friends who want to learn about web3 from the best.

Mentioned below are the event details:

Topic: Build a Career in Web3 - Learn to create a token on Polygon on

Date & Time: Wed, 21 Dec, 19:00 - 21:00 India State Time

🔮 What are you going to learn?

Intro to web3 and Polygon Network

A quick walkthrough of the content

Writing you token smart contract

Deploying your token on Polygon testnet

You can take a quick look at the Polygon token project here.

🎉 Additional activities and rewards

Career opportunities in web3


Exclusive NFT giveaway at the end of the session

⚡️ Prerequisites

Basics of any programming language

A laptop with Zoom installed & a decent internet connection

Installed Remix IDE

Set up Quicknode Account

🧑🏽‍💻 Who's teaching?

Aswin Kumar is the Web3 Content Engineer in charge of creating this exciting project at Metaschool and he'll be walking everyone through how they make their token.

He recently taught this course at the Istanbul Blockchain Week and wowed the audience when they all had their Polygon tokens in max 1 hour!

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I hope to see massive participation from our community there. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to and he’ll be happy to entertain them!