Google Cloud Study Jams

P P Savani University - Surat, India

Google Cloud Study Jams

Sep 5, 2023, 12:35 PM – Oct 2, 2023, 12:35 PM

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About this event

In a GDSC Cloud Study Jam session, participants typically:

Learn the Basics: The session starts with an introduction to cloud computing and Google Cloud Platform. Participants learn about key concepts and benefits of cloud computing.

Hands-on Labs: Participants get hands-on experience with various GCP services. This can include setting up virtual machines, creating storage buckets, using Google App Engine, working with databases, and more. Each lab typically has step-by-step instructions.

Q&A and Collaboration: Throughout the session, participants can ask questions and discuss concepts with facilitators or other participants. This collaborative environment helps students learn from each other's experiences.

Completion Badge: Some Study Jam sessions might provide participants with completion badges or certificates to acknowledge their participation and successful completion of labs.

Networking: These sessions are also an opportunity to connect with other students who are interested in cloud technology and expand your network within the developer community.



    P P Savani University, Student

    GDSC Lead


    Tech lead

  • Henil Patel

    PP Savani University

    Non-Tech lead

  • Ayushi Vaishnav

    Event lead

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