AI Workshop: Learn LLM with Jay Patel

Join us for an Hands-on 'LLM talk', followed by an oppurtunity to contribute to an open-science project called 'Aya' to ensure the 'Gujarati Language' is well-represented in the field of AI.

Dec 14, 2023, 1:30 – 3:00 PM



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About this event

Join the 'LLM Talk' and contribute to 'Aya'!

Want to learn about AI and help Gujarati thrive in the digital age? Join us for a hands-on "LLM Talk" followed by a chance to contribute to "Aya," a project ensuring Gujarati is well-represented in AI!

No prior AI knowledge needed! Just come and explore the fascinating world of LLMs and their potential for Gujarati. You'll even get to contribute directly to "Aya" by helping build a diverse dataset of Gujarati text and code.

This is your chance to:

         •  Learn about cutting-edge AI technology.

         •  Be part of a meaningful open-science project.

         •  Help shape the future of Gujarati in AI.

         •  Connect with other language enthusiasts.

Don't miss out! Register for the "LLM Talk" and join us on this exciting journey!


  • Jay Patel



    P P Savani University, Student

    GDSC Lead


    Tech lead

  • Henil Patel

    PP Savani University

    Non-Tech lead

  • Ayushi Vaishnav

    Event lead

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