Introduction to “Google Cloud Career Practitioner” (GCCP)

GCCP will provide students an opportunity to kickstart their learning on Cloud technology, and implement the learning by enabling them to build projects on the Google Cloud console. As part of this journey, the campaign will also help prepare for Google Cloud certifications.

Nov 7, 2022, 2:30 – 3:15 PM



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Google Cloud

About this event

🥳 Hey Techies!✨

🔖Google Developer Student Club is thrilled to inform you that Google is here with glad tidings of

the *"30 Days of Google Cloud program "* .🌈

It's a wonderful ⚡opportunity for all tech enthusiasts to learn the top skills of the cloud for free and have an amazing experience to flare up with in future.

✨ *“30 Days of Google Cloud Program”* will provide you an opportunity to initiate and kickstart your career in the cloud, you will get a lot of knowledge and hands-on practice on Google Cloud.✌️

🌟The program will introduce you to Computing, Big Data & Machine Learning, Application Development, using Google Cloud’s training platform *‘ Qwiklabs’* where you will learn each of these topics using self-paced labs and resources.

🗒️Regarding this wonderful event, tomorrow we have an online info session for registration process on google meet.

Only limited seats are available so quickly come up with your interest and register yourself for tomorrow's session!

✨The seats are limited so hurry up! get your skates, pull your socks up and get ready to go on a informative session !

In the session, we will teach students about "Cloud Computing".

The topics are planned are :-

1. Intro to Cloud Computing

2. How it works ?

3. Pros and cons of Cloud Computing

4. What are containers?

5. What is server less?

6. Intro to Google Cloud Program

7. How it help students to learn Cloud Computing ?

8. Benefits of this program.

9. **Most Importantly we will Demonstrate the procedure for enrolling yourself to this Cloud Campaign**

10. Registrations will start & end Tomorrow

We will guide students that what to fill the form correctly, about course content and many such things.

As only 100 seats are available for Google Cloud Program from our campus, and more number of students are interested, so make sure you attend this event to confirm your seat.


  • Jay Sahu

    Data Science and Machine Learning

    GDSC Lead

  • Adesh Chandelkar


    Data Science

  • Sameep Shukla

    Cyber Security

  • Satvik Shrivastava

    Web Developer

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