Getting started with Git and GitHub in 2023

Git and GitHub plays a very important role in open source. In this workshop, we will introduce beginners to GitHub, version control and markdown

About this event

Let’s start “March” with our first open-source workshop 🚀

Every Saturday in March, we would host Open-source workshops and invite various individuals to speak and share their experiences.🤩

On Saturday, March 3rd, by 7 pm, we will host our first session — “Getting Started with Git and GitHub”.

This is very important before exploring other advanced open-source ideas and

this workshop, you’ll learn the following:
- What Git and GitHub are all about
- How to get started with Git and GitHub
- Pushing codes to GitHub using Git
- Advantages of using Git and GitHub

And lots more!!!

On Saturday, 7 pm prompt🚀 We go live ✨

Please, Share with your friends and all those you think this will benefit 🫂