Everything about Web3 and Blockchain

Nirma University - Ahmedabad
Sat, Apr 8, 11:00 AM (IST)

About this event

In collaboration with Lumos Labs, We bring you the advanced session on Web3 and Blockchain. We will cover everything starting from basics and how you can make a career in it.

Please register your interest here as well as on https://lu.ma/LUMOS-GDSCNIRMA.

About Lumos Into the Web3 Metaverse

​​Our Into the Web3 Metaverse initiative is an online meetup where we educate, spread awareness, and talk about opportunities in the Web 3.0 world. The program aims to provide the students/ developers access to internship/ job opportunities in Global companies, training sessions on Web 3.0 space, mentorship support, and early access to the Lumos Wizard program and Lumos Metaverse whitelist.

​​Event Structure

​​Introduction to session

​​Introduction to web3

​​Blockchain 101

​​Career opportunities in Web3

​​Technical Role and Non-Technical Roles in Web3

​​Role of community and its benefits

​​Lumos Wizards Program

​​Opportunities on the Lumos Metaverse Discord server