Deep Learning

Deep learning bootcamp

Oct 23, 2020, 6:00 – 8:00 PM



Key Themes

Machine Learning

About this event

Hello AI enthusiasts ^_^

This boot camp is made for you to know more about deep learning and how it work 🤖 It will be a 3 sessions.

The sessions will cover "Neural Networks and Deep Learning" course from Coursera which was organized by and the instructor Andrew Ng

It will start from how the single block in neural network (Neuron) works till we reach in the end of the sessions how to build your own deep neural network .

أهلا محبين الذكاء الأصطناعى ^_^

الbootcamp دة معمول ليكم عشان تعرفوا اكتر عن الdeep learning و ازاى بيشتغل 🤖 هايبقى متكون من 3 محاضرات

المحاضرات هاتغطى كورس "Neural Networks and Deep Learning" اللى موجود على كوريسيرا من تنظيم و المحاضر Andrew Ng

المحاضرات هايتشرح فيها ازاى اصغر جزء من الneural network بيشتغل لحد ما نوصل فى اخر محاضرة لأزاى تقدر تبنى الNeural network الخاصة بيك.


  • Mohab Islam

    GDSC Lead

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