GDSC NYUST Google雲端平臺(GCP)初探和介紹

邀請 現職GCP 認證數據工程師 Mustapha 的GCP線上講座

About this event

GCP (Google Cloud Platform),Google雲端平台,現在普及於我們的生活之中,從雲端運算、資料儲存、資料分析及機器學習等,都有其的身影存在,對於這方面的知識將以初探的方式為各位帶來精彩的講座。而我們這次很榮幸能夠邀請到現職GCP 認證數據工程師 Mustapha,當天會帶來非常充實的主題並介紹更多相關新技術,對此次主題有興趣的同學絕不容錯過,趕緊跟我們一起加入探索新知的行列!



許多傳統企業使用遺留系統和應用程序,這些系統和應用程序通常需要幫助才能達到滿足現代客戶期望所需的規模和速度。因此,業務/團隊領導和 IT 決策者必須不斷地在維護遺留系統和投資創新產品和服務之間做出選擇。本次演講探討了過時 IT 基礎架構的挑戰,以及團隊/企業如何使用雲技術對其進行現代化改造。它首先探索雲端中可用的不同計算選項以及每個選項的優勢,然後再轉向應用程序現代化和應用程序編程接口 (API)。該演講還考慮了一系列可幫助企業開發和管理其係統的 Google Cloud 解決方案,例如 Compute Engine、App Engine 和 Apigee。

GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Google cloud platform, is now common in our lives, from cloud computing, data storage, data analysis, machine learning, etc., it has its presence.  The knowledge in this area will be explored in an easy way to bring you wonderful lectures. And this time we are very honored to invite the current GCP-certified data engineer Mustapha, who will bring a very substantial theme and introduce more related new technologies that day. Students who are interested in this theme should not miss it. Hurry up and join us to explore new knowledge ranks!

#The event this time is very friendly to novices. The lectures are mostly introductions, and you can get familiar with them without basic knowledge. If you want to meet foreign lecturers, please take the opportunity to sign up quickly!

Detailed Lecture Information:

Many traditional enterprises use legacy systems and applications that often need help to achieve the scale and speed required to meet modern customer expectations. As a result, business/team leaders and IT decision-makers constantly have to choose between maintaining legacy systems and investing in innovative new products and services. This talk explores the challenges of outdated IT infrastructure and how teams/businesses can modernize it using cloud technology. It begins by exploring the different computing options available in the cloud and the benefits of each before turning to application modernization and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The talk also considers a range of Google Cloud solutions that can help businesses develop and manage their systems, such as Compute Engine, App Engine, and Apigee.