Deep Learning with TensorFlow

You'll be able to grasp knowledge about deep learning, neural networks and implementing neural networks in TensorFlow.. The workshop will cover Basics of Deep Learning and Neural Networks along with live demonstration of TensorFlow.

About this event

The long-awaited workshop is here!

GDSC NUTECH , GDSC UET, GDSC FJWU and GDSC NUML is collaborating to bring you a workshop on "Deep Learning with Tensorflow".

This workshop will be conducted by Usman Khan who is a Machine Learning Engineer, Gold Ambassador MLSA, and a GDSC Lead at NUML.


- Python or programming basics.

- Laptop.

- Microsoft Teams

This technical workshop includes:

- Introduction to Deep Learning

- Intro to Neural Networks

- Important Concepts in Neural Networks

- Tensorflow

- Hands-on Tensorflow

Through this session you will be able to learn:

- Deep Learning

- Neural Networks

- Implementing Neural Networks in Tensorflow

Make sure to join us! This is a great opportunity to learn a lot and gain skills so mark your calendar and do Join the session as well.



  • Huzaifa Ameen

    Huzaifa Ameen

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    GDSC Lead / President

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  • Mussadiq Abdul Rahim

    Mussadiq Abdul Rahim

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  • Shahzaib Nahar

    Shahzaib Nahar

    National University of Technology (NUTECH), Islamabad

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  • Samar Ahmad

    Samar Ahmad

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    Director Blockchain

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