Getting started with Git and GitHub best practices

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About this event

You may be new to programming, may it be possible you never knew anything, but learning git and the leverage it brings within is something every user should know. DSC NUST brings its first-ever event in for starters in order to showcase your work in an up and running state using the help of GitHub and GitHub pages. Make sure to register since this is going to be fun when Pakistan's only GitHub Campus Expert would be there to clear your queries that comes along with it.

📍 Event agenda:

1. What is git?

2. Creating your account on git

3. Downloading git on your computer

4. Getting started with the basic commands

5. Creating a new repo

6. Pushing the initial changes

7. Cloning the changes back to the system

8. Creating your first up and running GitHub Page

9. GitHub best practices

10. QnA session

🗓️ Date & Time:

Monday, 5th October 2020

at 09:00 PM sharp.