Introduction To Machine Learning

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About this event

Hello folks,

Learn about machine learning by joining the event we have organized for you to have basic understanding behind it and implement it on some datasets.

In the event our speaker will get you through the world of machine learning and discuss the following topics:

1. Introduction to Machine Learning

         • What is Machine Learning

         • Terminologies of Machine Learning

         • Categories of Machine Learning

         • Classification and Regression with Examples

In this section our speaker will provide theory-based information of every topic with the help of examples.

After this section you will go through the implementation of following topics:

2. Introduction to EDA (exploratory Data Analysis):

         • What is EDA

         • Implementation of EDA on different types of datasets.

         • Data Visualization

         • Data Cleaning

         • A simple KNN classifier (optional)

         • Power BI (optional)


After attending this session, you will be able to have a basic understanding of machine learning and how to implement your learning on some datasets.